An old school favourite featuring soft deerskin and spring action closure.

Leather Squeeze Coin Holder

  • Hides in Hand is located in Rockport, Ontario - an area with a long history in the leather industry, mostly using horse and cow hides. In the mid 1900's there were many local tanneries and manufacturers, but most closed down when importing became cheaper than producing locally.

    Hides in Hand was born in 1996. After beginning to work with moose, deer and buffalo leathers, they started to design fashionable hand wear. A moccasin company in Northern Ontario who was closing selected Hides in Hand to continue the beautiful craft of moccasin making. Using regulated hides collected from local hunters, this addition to the line quickly became a favourite.

    Hides in Hand creates only Canadian handcrafted products. They do not use inferior substitution leathers or import any foreign materials. Hides in Hand keeps quality and tradition alive within the leather industry and protects our renewable resources.