Chosen by the Toy Industry Association as one of its "Toys of the Century", stick horses have been among the most popular toys from Mary Meyer since they introduced them in 1963. Fancy Prancer Pony is a new twist on the classic stick horse and a one of a kind gift for any little pony lover. At a sturdy 33 inches tall, the size is just right for make believe gallops wherever children and Princess Ponies may roam. Collapsible design makes it convenient for travel and easy to ship.

  • 33 inches tall 
  • 2 piece stick screws together into durable connector
  • perfect for making believe you're in the saddle 
  • soft plush head features golden crown and sparkly fabric details

Fancy Prancer Princess Pony

  • Mary Meyer was a young wife and mother who helped her family during the Great Depression by sewing animal pin cushions that later became stuffed animal toys. Inventive, driven, and compassionate, Mary built a company that continues to bring joy to children and families all over the world with care, quality, integrity, and love. This intention has been passed down two generations, to Mary’s grandsons who run the company today, because this is who Mary Meyer was and this is what the company she started is all about.

    Life is easier with a friend you can rely on. The friends we make all have faces full of character and cuteness, from fabrics and designs so huggable and soft that you simply can’t resist loving on them. All are also built to meet the highest quality and safety standards to ensure that a Mary Meyer friend is a friend for life. We’re a family company that creates family members to love and grow with for childhood and beyond.

    There was a time when technology was a mechanical pencil and a “mobile phone” was one with an extra long cord. The world has changed, and in many ways it’s for the better, but there are some things that can’t be digitized or made into an app. These are the sense of play and imagination that a soft companion can bring to developing young minds. Each of our characters is purpose-built for just that kind of play for your little one: listening to secrets, ready for hugs, and calming their fears. We take this responsibility seriously and we know you do too, so thanks for trusting Mary Meyer.