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Everyone feels good if they're reminded that they are loved and safe when going to sleep. This Pillowcase Painting Kit features the messages,  I am loved, I am safe, Tomorrow will be a great day.

Powerful Pillows all have positive messages on them: while your child is peacefully painting, it’s a great time to have a heart to heart conversation with them, and they’ll be reminded nightly when they go to sleep.

Also available in French - Magique

Magic Pillowcase Painting Kit

  • Vibrant fabric paint: 6 colours of professional quality, non-toxic, water based fabric paint.  After painting, a hot iron sets the colour, so your child’s painting will remain vibrant for years to come. Soft on the cheek. Safe for the washer and dryer.

    A paint brush, colourful painted examples for inspiration, an insert so the paint won’t go through to the other side while painting, bilingual instructions and encouragement.

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