Everyone needs an easy system  to store and organize their reusable face masks. Use one set for each member of your family, writing their name on the bag. After laundering masks, place in the clean bag. Keep the bags with you so that you have a spare clean mask available and a separate distinctly marked bag in which to store the used masks.


  • Easily fits 6-8 masks per bag
  • Bags stay clipped together
  • Colour coding makes it easy to identify which bag to use
  • Zipper closure, keeps germs out
  • 100% nylon
  • Made In Canada by home sewers

Mask Storage Bags

  • Like your reusable masks, these bags can be cleaned by putting them directly into the washing machine, using a hot cycle, and then dry thoroughly. Alternately wash them thoroughly by hand using soap and warm/hot water. Allow to dry completely before using again.

  • This Canadian company specializes in getting your kids outdoors. Warm in the Winter, Dry in the Spring, Cozy in the Fall and Sun-Protected all Summer long!

    Snug As A Bug was started in 1992 by Liz Heyland and focused on manufacturing Made in Canada children's clothing. In 2005 she started creating a line of onesies and matching Christmas pajamas for everyone in your family.

    Today, the manufacturing arm of Snug As A Bug focuses on kids sun hats and a limited selection of Onesie pajamas.