These plated edge arrowhead pendants from India come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours of plating. They come on a 20" waxed cotton cord.
Wearing an arrowhead around the neck is a symbol of protection and strength.

Stone types include amethyst, black agate, bloodstone, carnelian, clear quartz and mixed jasper.

Plated Arrowhead Pendants

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  • Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope is solid green jasper dotted with bright red spots of iron oxide. One of the oldest gemstones known to mankind, the use of which has been recorded from ancient times. This bloodstone comes from India.As a healing stone it has been used to calm, ground, revitalize and reduce emotional stress since antiquity. Bloodstone is said to strengthen the heart, spleen and bone marrow.

    Carnelian, the red or orange variety of agate, contains various iron compounds. It is a powerful motivation stone and has been called the "self-esteem stone". It assists in focusing on the present, stimulates appetite, physical energy, emotions, passion and concentration.

    Agate is also known as chalcedony quartz and comes in many colours and varieties. It is used to harmonize Yin and Yang, help build self-confidence, enhance mental function and strengthen the body/mind. Agate is a good protective energy stone and also helps the body's connection to the earth. It is considered a good luck stone and enhances creativity and stimulates the intellect.

    Jaspers come in various colours and patterns depending on the amount of iron, aluminum and other elements. Jasper is known as the "supreme nurturer".