Share a laugh and make their birthday even more joyful, with this funny card that helps save over 3000 mature trees every year. The artful illustration and hilarious content from Elana Midura is sure to get a smile.

COVER: A wise woman once said F**k this S**t and she lived happily ever after.

INSIDE: Here's to another year wiser.

Matching ARTvelope (fully printed matching envelope)

Printing powered by solar energy. 100% Post-consumer recycled material. Made in the USA.

Wise Woman Birthday Greeting Card

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  • Tree-Free was founded in 1999 with a millennial eye toward artful simplicity, sustainability, and social impact.

    Contrary to conventional greeting cards with flowery sentiments, elaborate print techniques and ever-rising prices, Tree-Free has quickly gained a following for its simple, yet artfully, vibrant style, our groundbreaking use of sustainable materials (including kenaf, hemp, wheat straw and sugarcane waste), and an ability to deliver quality paired with value. With millions of cards sent each year, Tree-Free saves over 3000 mature trees, 1.5 million gallons of water, 2 million BTUs of energy and 210,000 pounds of greenhouse gases annually.

    After 20 years, we have set our aspirations on leading our industry to new heights where every card sent is not just a pretty vehicle for a personal message.

    Each card will deliver a positive impact to a broader community. We are donating 25% of all revenue (not just profits). Rather than choose a few causes that we care about, we have created a system to fund the community efforts and causes championed by each of our customers.

    Meanwhile, we continue to lead the industry with sustainable production right here in the USA – keeping our forests full of trees to create shade, transform carbon, and enhance the air we breathe.