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Close up of Owners Jacinto and Jill Anguaya

Jacinto and Jill Anguaya, aka Jack and Jill, have been the co-owners and operators of their independent gift shops here in Ottawa since the dawn of time  - give or take a few years. To put it another way, they have been a Mom and Pop shop team before they themselves were a mom and pop.


Way back in 1994, before life as we know it now was even imagined, they opened their first outlet and after that, they went on to have a multitude of shops in a plethora of wonderful Ottawa neighborhoods.

Their first store child was Quichua Crafts and the family grew and shrank (as retail families do) to include locations known as Quichua International and Quichua World Market. 


In 2012, they adopted Tickled Pink at 55 Byward Market Square and have come to love their adopted child as one of their own (as families do). Quichua World Market also relocated from Sparks Street to the Byward Market to be super close to its sister store, where the two siblings and their parents are quite content to this day.


The one thing that has not changed over the decades is the intention with which Jack and Jill run their shops. Colourful. Affordable. Inviting. Honest. Cheerful. Fair. Fun. That’s pretty much it. What you see is what you get. They’re easy-going folks who consider a customer a friend.

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