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Move over, sheepskin slippers - folks want mittens too! Welcome to our Lanark Sheepskin mitts!

With five colours and five sizes to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect pair. The shape of the mitt is the same for men or women.

These sheepskin mitts will keep you warm and cozy on the coldest days of winter. Sheepskin is impenetrable to wind and the fleece on the inside is nature's amazing insulator. The sheepskin traps your body heat and the soft fleece creates a pocket of warm air for your fingers. Sheepskin is naturally snow and water repellant, allowing for hours of use in all types of winter weather.
The mitts are made of two pieces of sheepskin (with the fleece still attached) that are sewn together with one continuous seam. This creates a long lasting mitt with excellent durability and comfort because the palm is all one piece.
The cuff can be worn straight back or folded over to a length that suits you. This versatility allows for greater wrist and arm coverage. 
Walkers, dog walkers, snow shovellers and teachers on yard duty all love Lanark Sheepskin mitts!

So do Babies and Kids.

Black Sheepskin Mitts for Grown-ups

Colour: black
  • Just sheepskin.

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