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Angela She Believed She Could So She Did - silver purple floral print.

History & Heraldry’s Fab Girl Tote Bag is a best-selling, spacious carryall and it's the perfect tag-along for your busy life. These popular bags are multi-purpose / multi-functional and great for everyday use. They are personalized, making them a great gift! You can never have too many shopping bags especially when your own lovely name is featured alongside an inspiring or humorous sentiment!

The strong material and woven handles mean these bags are sturdy enough for even the most ardent of shopaholics! Use it as an everyday bag, or fold it and zip it up and keep it in your purse or stash in your car as a shopping or grocery bag. It has its own easy to carry handle when zipped up and is compact enough to pop in a purse. Just unzip, unfold and go!

The image is on the bottom of the bag when it's unfolded.

Photos illustrating unfolded bag are of a chocolate brown floral print bag.

Angela - Reusable Tote Bag

SKU: 886767163802

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