"Wings of Hope" is a charitable concept. In order for people mired in poverty to have hope for the future, their youth must somehow obtain an education. Jen's House provides the means to education to 18 - 24 youth every year. So when you purchase these 'wings' and we donate the profit to Jen's House, you are giving the gift of 'hope'.


We at Tickled Pink and Quichua World Market have been supporting KLEO for many years and the cause of furthering the education of marginalized Karen youth at Jen's House is close to our hearts. We invite you to read more about The Karen Learning and Education Opportunities Support Group and their mission. The proceeds from this purchase will support Jen's House.

Dragonfly Mug

  • Meet Meghan Wright

    Hi, I’m Meg, a Doodle Art Designer. 

    Local Ottawa artist and designer Meghan Wright uses Doodle Art concepts in each of her creations. Originally hand drawn using oil pastels, these whimsical designs are sure to add colour and fun to your home.

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