Our Gray Striped Kitten Li'l Handful stuffed animal from Douglas Toys is an adorable baby who’ll stay little forever! The perfect size and shape to cradle in your hands, our Li'l Handful animals will tempt you with their endearing faces and irresistible gestures. Scoop up this cuddly kitty and you’ll never want to put her down! Our tiny tabby cat features snuggly soft striped plush fur along with beans in her bottom for a lifelike weight. Her bright white paws are accompanied by a pale facial marking and light colored belly. Shiny, dark eyes and a small, pink nose come together to lend her a lovable expression. Take home this pick of the litter today or come and meet the full range of our Li'l Handful plush friends!

Machine washable.

Gray Striped Kitten Li'l Handful