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This Freyja unisex headband is made with 100% Icelandic wool in shades of cream, charcoal and red with a traditional Canadiana Maple Leaf design. Matching mitts.

If you have an aversion to hats, here is an ideal cold-weather solution! This soft wool headband will keep your ears toasty warm in the chilly winter climate.

Made from warm Icelandic wool. Over time, sheep in Iceland have evolved a wool coat that is extremely durable, warm, and water-resistant, which allows them to thrive in such an extreme sub-arctic landscape.

Made in Canada.

Charcoal Canadiana Icelandic Wool Headband

SKU: 671614005431
C$34.95 Regular Price
C$28.95Sale Price
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  • Headband is secured with adjustable hook-and-loop fastener.

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