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These fun toys are sure to capture the attention of anyone who gazes through the scope, plus enhance creativity and focus. Each kaleidoscope contains a combination of images and gems that stimulate the imagination. Choose from butterfly, fish and safari themes.

The body, the mind and the spirit are lifted by the delightful visuals of a kaleidoscope. Young and old alike will benefit from this joyful contraption which raises our spirits, boosts creativity, encourages relaxation and aids focus. When the visual field is reduced by directing focus into the scope, distraction is minimized and the ability to organize information is increased. Kaleidoscopes engage both sides of the brain and therefore can be helpful with problem solving.
Kaleidoscopes are an avenue to helping hyperactive children to become more focused. During a study, it was found that by having children look through the scope for two minutes, their excitability decreased and they were able to extend focus for up to two hours.


  • "Many of the countries we currently buy from, including Bali, Guatemala and India, support various artisan communities through their own social responsibility initiatives. This is a form of fair trade, where income is being used to support a diverse group of small manufacturers and families.We only purchase minerals from suppliers with the correct mining certificates which establish their operations as safe and environmentally sound.

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