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Max the sleepy Moose stuffed animal from Douglas Toys is looking for a cozy place to take a nap! Crafted with indulgently soft Kohair materials and slightly understuffed, this plush cuddle buddy is designed to flop endearingly into your arms or lounge lazily across your lap. For extra floppiness, we’ve weighted him with beans and stuffed him with only the silkiest, most resilient polyester fill. Max’s heavily lidded eyes reveal an easy going personality that will invite you to snuggle up with him for a snooze. Realistic details such as cloven hooves and tan, palmate antlers enhance his lifelike design. When it’s time to kick back and take it easy, don’t forget to invite Max the floppy plush Moose!

Surface Washable

Max Moose

SKU: 767548141885
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