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When kids are in need of a peaceful & creative activity (away from screens), these Pillowcase Painting Kits are tons of fun to paint and will last and stay bright for years!

Fun designs! This happy mermaid has smile appeal! You can also choose from dinosaurs, unicorns and pirates, plus assorted nature themes.

Pillowcase Painting Kits are fun for ages 4 and up. Be sure to check out the Powerful Pillows (the ones with positive messages) too!

Mermaid Pillowcase Painting Kit

  • Vibrant fabric paint: 6 colours of professional quality, non-toxic, water based fabric paint.  After painting, a hot iron sets the colour, so your child’s painting will remain vibrant for years to come. Soft on the cheek. Safe for the washer and dryer.

    A paint brush, colourful painted examples for inspiration, an insert so the paint won’t go through to the other side while painting, bilingual instructions and encouragement.

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