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Welcome to our Lanark Sheepskin Slippers shop! These are the quintessential Handmade Sheepskin Slippers from Canada!

There are five colours and nine sizes to choose from. Lanark Sheepskin slippers are made the same shape for both women and men. They fit according to shoe size.

Important to note when selecting size: the first number is the men's size and the second number is the women's size. So for example, an 8/9 is a man's 8 and a woman's 9. 

They should feel quite snug when new, as the fleece will compact and shape to your foot with wear after a couple of wearings.

These sheepskin slippers have a two layer sole. The top or inner layer is sheepskin, which is sewn to the outer sole made of tougher cow hide.

The binding that covers the edge of the sole is high quality furniture leather.

The body and cuff of the slipper is sheepskin. The cuff can be worn folded down or upright, which covers more of the ankle. There is a right and left slipper, the left has the tag sewn onto the outer edge.

They're meant to be used indoors.

Want these slippers for Kids and Babies - here you go.

Unisex Sheepskin Slippers - Gray

  • Sheepskin, cow hide

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