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Surefit knit, 100% acrylic for comfort and ease of washing.

Wild Horses Panoramic Toque

  • Ideal North is a Canadian brand specializing in fine Canadian made knitwear accessories and apparel specifically designed for independent retailers across Canada, of whom Tickled Pink is one.

    Canada is a vast country of forests, mountain ranges, lakes and rivers that are abound with majestic wildlife. The diversity of Canada’s landscapes and their inherent dangers has helped forge Ideal North's identity.

    First peoples have always understood the need to be one with nature. Their belief to “tread lightly and leave no footprint” is out of respect and appreciation for mother earth. These principles serve as the inspiration behind the Ideal North brand.

    We follow a simple rule that all we produce must be deserving to represent Canada. We take pride in the designs that celebrate our heritage and the grandeur of Canada and demand excellence in all workmanship and fabrics.

    We believe it is important to have our products, labels and retail store displays all made in Canada. Yes, by doing so we are taking the path that is less traveled, but we take great satisfaction in knowing all our products are a result of the finest Canadian craftsmanship.

    From coast to coast and everywhere in between you will find the Ideal North brand reflects the true spirit of Canada.“We Knit the Canadian Experience.”

  • Surefit is a result of a new knitting process we have for our toques that ensures, maximum stretch, maximum softness and maximum warmth all in the effort to achieve maximum comfort. The costs are slightly more than our traditional knitted toques, but well worth the resulting quality.

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