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Why use a pick made out of wood? 

One word - TONE! Wooden picks will give you a different sound. They sound and feel different. There are many other reasons such as the environmental side of it, but the main reason use a pick made out of wood is because of how they sound.


Available in 4 combo packs of 3 featuring varying combinations of woods, including maple, walnut, cherry and zebra wood.

Dad combo includes Play Me a Song Dad, World's Best Dad and Rockstar Dad


Wooden Guitar Picks - Dad Combo 3 pk

SKU: TP-dad
  • Cherry wood gives a warm sound. This pick is best suited for nylon string instruments such as classical guitars and ukuleles. Thickness: 1.3 mm.  Wood: Cherry

    Made using maple wood from Canada, maple picks will provide a medium-warm tone. 1.3 mm

    Zebra Wood is native to central Africa. This pick will give you a warm tone.

    Walnut picks are 1.4 mm.

  • Tree Picks plants a tree for every pick they sell!

    A tree for EVERY. SINGLE. PICK. If you buy 5 picks, they plant 5 trees. It's that simple. Their first plant was in the summer of 2019 in Cape Breton Island on the east coast of Canada. Although Tree Picks is not a charity, they believe that a business can do their part to make a world a better place and be profitable at the same time. The cost of planting trees is built into the price of the picks.

    They are based in Calgary, Alberta.

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